How to delete Hotmail account

Hotmail is the oldest web service suite. It gained a lot of popularity at the time of its release but it was later advanced and renamed as Outlook. It has a lot of features which were the first of their kind at the time of release. Even with so many features and help, still if you want to delete the Hotmail account, you can do that easily. Deleting the account permanently means that the user will no longer have access to Hotmail and will not get any kind of Hotmail related messages or mails.

Deleting HotMail Account:

All the subscriptions and credits earned will be cancelled and you no longer can use the features of Hotmail. But for some cases where people have made up their mind to delete the account, Deleting the Hotmail account is a simple procedure with some little steps. The steps are given below in detail in order to delete Hotmail account.

How to Delete Hotmail Account:

  • Go to the Hotmail Account Closure website inorder to delete the Hotmail account. You will be asked for your email and password.

Enter the email and password and Login to the account.

  • In case you are already logged in with the email address you will simply be asked the password. But in case, you are not logged in, you will be asked to enter the last four digits of the mobile number connected to you Hotmail account.

Enter the digits, and click on Send Code, a security code will be sent to the number.

  • Enter the security code you received in the area provided for the code, in the dialog box.
  • A page will appear, which will remind you of the following things
  • To cancel any subscriptions.
  • To use all your skype credit.
  • To use up your account balances (if any).
  • To set up automatic email replies.
  • To disable Reset protection.

It will also inform you that you can login to your account again within 60 days, after which the account will be permanently deleted.

Click Next, at the bottom of the page.

  • A new page will come with the terms and conditions of deleting the account.

Select all the checkboxes, which means that you are ready to delete the account by accepting the terms and conditions of the website.

  • At the end of the list of terms and conditions, will come a question for you saying, still want to close this account? We’re sorry to see you go. Before you do so please tell us why.

Under which will be a dropdown list saying chose a reason.

Click on the list, and select the option which suites you. In case you don’t have a reason, select “My reason is Not listed”.

  • After you have given the reason, a blue box will appear at the bottom of the page, saying “Mark Account for Closure”.
  • Click on the button, and your account will be sent for deletion. by this Hotmail account can be deleted.

In case you change, your mind you can login again with the same credentials within next 60 days. But if you do not login within the 60-day span, your account will be permanently deleted. this is the process of deleting the hotmail account.

Updated: September 1, 2017 — 3:56 pm

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