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Came here to know How to Recover Mail and Contacts in wwwHotmail? don’t worry this is the complete guide which explains How to Recover Mail and Contacts in Hotmail Many times, it may have happened that we deleted a mail by accident. Sometimes, we may not even know how some emails got lost. In case of important emails, this can be a very troubling situation especially as we have moved towards digital communication for many important and official purposes.

How to Recover Mail and Contacts in Hotmail?


Emails which are deleted from the Inbox usually appear in the Deleted folder. But what if the mail you are trying to recover has been deleted from the Deleted folder also? Now that is an anxious situation to be in. However, one need not panic because there is still an option available for recovery of emails at this stage. follow the complete guide to Recover Mail and Contacts in wwwHotmail.


Steps to Recover Emails in wwwhotmail:

  • If the mail you wish to recover is present in the Deleted folder, then simply move the required message to the Inbox folder.
  • If the mail you want to recover is not present in the Deleted folder then go to the Deleted folder and at the end of the list, look for an option Recover deleted messages and click it.
  • On doing so, some messages will be recovered.
  • Now move the required messages to the Inbox folder.

It may be noted here that not all messages may be recovered. Hotmail keeps messages for a couple of days after they are deleted from the ‘Deleted’ folder, so it will be best that you attempt to recover your messages as soon as possible after their deletion from the Deleted folder.

Recovery of Contacts in wwwHotmail: 

Another stressful situation would be lost or deleted contacts in Hotmail. But thankfully, there is a recovery option available here as well. The steps to be followed are listed here.

Steps to Recover Contacts in Hotmail:

  • First of all, go to the menu from the top left corner of the Outlook homepage.
  • On selecting People, you will find all the old contacts available.
  • Restore contacts.

Another way to recover contacts would be:

  • First of all, log in to http://people.live.com using your Hotmail ID.
  • Go to the Contacts page and select the option Manage Contacts.
  • Now choose Restore Deleted Contacts 
  • If you want to restore all the contacts, then choose Restore All.
  • And in case you wish to restore specific contacts only, click on the Restore option next to the required contact.

Apart from the above methods, contacts may also be synced with other accounts such as Facebook and so on. To sum it all up, while there are many recovery options available, it is always best to have your emails and contacts backed up. This is because it may happen that some emails may not be recovered due to the fact that they are stored only for a few days after being deleted from the Deleted folder. Many users have lost their messages in this manner. Therefore, a very useful thumb rule to keep in mind in order to keep your data safe is by maintaining a back up of emails and contacts. this is the complete process of How to Recover Mail and Contacts in wwwHotmail.

Updated: March 29, 2018 — 7:33 am

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